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July, 2017:  Add Stretching to your warm-up routine and reap results

A few months back, while warming up for a pro-am, one of my amateurs asked a question that stuck with me.  He looked at me and said, “Do you always stretch for so long before a round?”.  We had been warming up for about 15 minutes total.  He had already hit a medium bucket of balls and was getting ready to go hit some putts.  I had been stretching the entire time and was just getting ready to hit my first practice shot.  I answered a quick “yes” and started hitting balls.  Later that day, during the round, I got to thinking about how many golfers don’t stretch before their round.  Then I started thinking about how many injuries occur each year due to this and how many lost strokes are related to the same issue.

I am sure we can all agree that the first few holes of our round set the stage for the entire day.  I know that if I can get out there, hit a few good shots to start the round, then I will usually shoot a good score.  I also know that if I don’t get properly stretched out, I won’t hit a good shot for a while.  Okay, enough ragging on you.  Here are a few stretches that I think everyone should do before their round.  Do these and you can ensure that your muscles will be warm enough to make a good swing and hopefully warm enough to ward off possible injuries.

My quick pre-round stretching routine

-Touch your toes:  Put your feet shoulder width apart, straighten your legs, and slowly reach down and try to touch your toes.  Do this stretch three times holding for 10 seconds.  This will warm up muscles in your legs and lower back.

-Trunk Rotation:  Take out your driver and hold it in both hands (as far apart as possible).  Place the driver shaft horizontally across your back touching both shoulder blades.  Put your feet shoulder width apart then rotate your upper body in both directions while maintaining a stable lower body.  Do the stretch three times holding for 10 seconds.  This will warm up muscles in your back and core as well as increase your trunk rotation.

-Shoulders:  Hold your driver in both hands as far apart as possible.  Raise your arms above your head and make large circular motions stretching out both shoulders, one at a time.  Stretch each shoulder for at least 30 seconds.

-Wrist & Forearms:  Hold a wedge in one hand at the center of the shaft.  Put your arm straight out in front of you and rotate your wrist slowly in both directions as far as your arm will allow.  Do this stretch with each arm for at least thirty seconds.

Hopefully sharing this stretching routine will help you play your best golf well into the future.  I know that that is my number one goal!

Tyler Brooks, PGA

Head Golf Professional/General Manager

Pendleton Country Club

2015 CWCPGA Golf Professional of the Year